Alexander M Wolff

"Storytelling is the essential human activity." - Tim O’Brien

My Vision

What makes an image powerful? Memorable? Is every image worth one-thousand words, or do some have a deeper story to tell? While I don’t have the answers to these questions, I plan to explore them using the images I create. I believe the best images convey emotion, and provide a sense of story, so I aim to capture those elements when I get behind the lens. When one of my images speaks to you, my work as a photographer is fulfilled. As the viewer, I only ask that you pause when an image catches your eye. What is it about the image that appeals to you? What do you think of while viewing it? What do you feel? Explore as little or as much as you like, but please enjoy the view.

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"Painting with light, in slivers of time, within the frame of our image" - David duChemin

Magnolia Blossoms

15 Jul 2018

“Sugar magnolia, blossoms blooming, head’s all empty and I don’t care.” While I love a handful of songs by the Grateful Dead, I haven’t earned the title of “Deadhead.” Nonetheless, I hummed this melody every day for a couple of months when a magnolia tree near my home captured my interest.

Eclipse Over the Tetons

16 Apr 2018

We were stranded at Jenny Lake, exactly as we had planned. Our pickup was 35 miles away, parked along Highway 22, where we began our journey two days earlier. We had just finished hiking the Teton Crest Trail, but now we were in for a real adventure, hitchhiking back to our vehicle. Leslie and I had never hitchhiked before. Getting a ride from one crowded tourist location to another seemed reasonable though. With the Great American Eclipse three days away, the busiest day in the history of Grand Teton National Park, crowds of people were piling into their vehicles. Besides, we could always reject a ride if we didn’t feel safe.

Walking on a Dream

07 Apr 2018

what I found below the sidewalk. Is it
A glimpse of the Twilight Zone?

Cathartic Journey Through Nature

31 Mar 2018

You hold back to keep your life moving forward, to maintain stability, but you can feel the pressure building. The wise, old ones said that nature offers release. So, you run to wide open spaces, and stumble upon a scene of peace. Reflecting on the scene, you feel as though it evinces the solitude and clarity you sought. Nonetheless, Nature is dynamic, and reminds you that beauty and peace are transient. As your meditation deepens, you begin to notice the dream-like qualities of scenes you overlooked in the past. Bringing your newfound vision forth, it dawns on you that enlightenment is subtler than you expected. It is a process that rewards you each day. With a final glance backward, you realize that you left pain behind and gained clarity simply by putting one foot in front of the other, and that keeps you moving forward.





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